Signing the Guest Book

The Waters’ Gust Book

First page…

Last page in Edmonton….

Starting in the new home

When I was growing up my parents kept a guest book in the dining room.  Whenever we had guests, and we had lots, my Mom would bring out the guest book and ask each person to sign it as a rememberance of their visit. We had it for years, and I’ve thought about asking if my Mom still has it.  I don’t know.

When Wendy and I were early in our marriage we were in a book store and found this guest book.  We picked it up and began to follow the same tradition in 1989.  Merv and MaryBelle were the first ones to sign it as they visited us in Erin Mills.  Since then we’ve tracked our guests through Mississauga, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and now Scarborough.

We have always enjoyed having people in our home, and while it sounds like I’m bragging…Wendy is a great cook!  Whether it’s roast beef, italian or greek food the meal is excellent – a real culinary treat!

And then there’s the chance to simply deepen friendships, learn something new about someone or be able to divert our thinking for a few hours.

One of the great joys of recording names and dates of guests is that in the years following, when we pull out the book, we naturally find ourselves reviewing the list and recalling good times.   There are a number of names in our book of people who are no longer with us – some family, some friends, some Salvation Army Officers that came our way.  That too elicits warm yet sad memories of times shared.

If you’re in the habit of having people in your home and you haven’t had this kind of tradition, I would like to encourage you to think about it.

Like photographs – it becomes a reminder of our journey through life.

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