An Army without guns

There are few things that warm my heart more than seeing some of our great people at work – making life changing differences in their neighbourhoods.  This week we had Lieut-Colonel Junior Hynes with us for a couple of days.  We toured four different ministry units.  At the end of our visit to Crossroads, we had our photo taken.  This marvellous group of Salvationists are taking the war on sin head on!  We’re in the prayer room for the photo but only after listening to some of the courageous efforts being made in their community.

The lady standing in front of me is Cory.  You can listen to her story here. She is an amazing lady and is testimony to the transforming work of God.

This morning on our way out I stopped at Tim’s to get a coffee.  The man at the counter asked with a heavy asian accent “What is your uniform?  Who are you with?”

So I told him that I was with The Salvation Army.  He said with a curious look, “The South Asian Army?”.  I repeated myself, “No, The Salvation Army.”

He repeated his question, “The South Asian Army?”

I tried a different angle – “We are a church who works to help people.”

He paused. “So you don’t have guns?” as he mimicked holding a rifle.

“We we have Bibles.” I replied.

“Good.” as he smiled.


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