An invitation to talk

It was great to connect to most of the officers of the Division today by tele-conference.  The DEB has been working on DHQ’s strategic priorities and we asked the Officers to give us some feedback on one point, what should the tactics be to help Officers be as healthy as we can be?

We had some tactics already in place – and we shared those as well as seeking further thought.  The one thing that didn’t come up, that I thought might have, was how we can support officers who are in demanding appointments for a long time through sabbaticals.  A sabbatical is not, of course, just time off.  It is a planned break with different elements within it.  Usually a couple of weeks of rest, followed by some personal learning/growing experience and then a short assignment which allows a different kind of experience.  As a DC I’ve only offered this once.

However no one even raised it.  I wondered why?  Does it seem impossible, impractical, unattainable?  Not entirely and of course needs to be weighed within several considerations.

As the call ended I was grateful for our discussion and the nature of it – it reminds me again how many good officers we have in this Division and how hard they work.  It’s been great to lead this group.  I did think we should have done this more often on different subjects.  Communication 101 is true – you can never communicate too much.

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