Snow Sculptures @ PLC

Pine Lake Camp hosted the annual Winter Weekend for teens and young adults.  One of the great features of today was the snow sculptures.  Four mounds of snow, a group of teens, some spray paint and some tools….and off they went.  Two hours later we had Jonah and the whale, the Serpent who tempted Eve, and Captain America!

Okay, Captain America might not fit, but the artwork was good!

The sun was out and it was very warm – a great day for some outdoor activities.  These weekends create great opportunities for ministry and for the young people memories that last.

The guest for the weekend was Jonathan Evans – Jonathan reminded me that it was on a weekend like this, twenty years ago this month when Wendy and I were leading Youth Ministry in Southern Ontario that he made his commitment to Christ.  We had gone to Teen Ranch and Jonathan said he came resistant to anything spiritual.  Twenty years later he’s working at the War College and speaking at Youth Events.
It was great to see him again.  Sometimes we don’t know unitl many years later the impact we’ve had on people as we’ve gone along our way.
Who are you influencing?

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