Edmonton RV show 2011 photos

Normally I think of the beginning of an RV show as the ultimate time to visit.  People are waiting for the weekend, I tell myself, and on the weekend they will be bringing their kids, I tell myself…yes going on a Thursday evening right after work is the perfect time!

Apparently my strategy needs reviewing.  First of all the parking lot was full…mostly with F150s, F250s and F350s…and the occassional Nissan Titan or GMC Sierra.  Secondly the place was crawling with families…strollers, babies, kids running around.  Oh and the occasional wheelchair!

However, don’t take from this that it wasn’t a good experience.  It was a good to walk through each of the dealers displays and see some absolutely beautiful units.  One of the first big RVs I was in was the Big Country 3595RE by Heartland.  You can see a You Tube video of it (not great quality) here.  It has a wireless remote for setting up and leveling the trailer.  Yup – wireless remote!

Also impressive was the Wildcat 302RL…here’s a photo of the bedroom!  Queen bed with corner leather rocker-recliner and a fireplace.  Not too shabby…but as Jason reminded me “that’s not camping”.  It might not be but comfortable it is!  Show price…$41,699.

It seems that the strong Canadian dollar really helped knock down prices this year.  This was a good year to buy!  However, what surprised me was the lack of small trailers.  Very few…and even less were the numbers of hybrid trailers.  Does every Albertan own a pickup truck?  Okay, that’s a rhetorical question!

Of course the second kitchen seems to be a growing feature in trailers.  This one had the stove, sink, microwave, fridge and TV outside for those who want to camp with luxury by the picnic table.  Very impressive as well.

And then there are the big diesel pushers…tandem axles with every conceivable luxury you can imagine..including the washer/dryer and floor safe in the rear closet.  The one’s over $300,000 had a sign outside them asking you to ask for assistance if you wanted to go in.  I just looked at the one for $260,000.


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