Happy Birthday Leanne

I was 10 years of age when my parents sat me down to have a “talk”…it wasn’t that talk…it was to tell me that I was to have a baby sister.  They were adopting and a lady was going to come to the house to talk to us (insert Social Worker making a home visit).  I remember she talked to my parents and to me – she asked how I felt about having a sister.  My response: “do you have puppies?”…just kidding Leanne!

At any rate it wasn’t long before Leanne joined the family.  Mom use to curl her hair on top and tape or pin a bow into her hair.

It was February when Leanne eventually joined us and I remember those exciting days when all I wanted was for someone to ask me: “do you have any brothers or sisters?”  That’s a long time ago now (not that Leanne is old….) but I thought it would be good to revisit what I remember as being the first holiday with all five us… here’s Dad with Leanne, Cath in the stroller and me in my Sunday best!  Mom was taking the photo so in fairness here’s the second photo with Mom in it and Leanne’s famous smile!

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