Snow is on the ground

I’m beginning to think that as much as I like being a Divisional Leader, I like being a corps officer (pastor) much more.  We were in Red Deer yesterday, and spent the day with Jason and Tammy.  If you don’t know them you can connect with their lives and learn a bit about them @ The Sabourin Family.  There you go Miss Tammy – a few more hits on your blog.

The snow is here…yuck…but the change of season reminds us that Christmas is coming and coming quickly. There was a voice message on the phone for us last night when we got home from my nephew Noah!  He’s growing up quickly and he was calling about Christmas…says he’s sent a Christmas card already.  Has he or is he, as I suspect, having some fun with his Uncle Fred?

Phil has updated his blog – given it a new look.  If you want to see the view from his place (nearby anyway) look at this webcam…though you’ll have to look when it is light out.

Happy Monday everyone!

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