Clip on or REAL tie?

This Sunday I’m preaching at Edmonton Temple – our regular place of worship if we have one.  As this is Thanksgiving Sunday I have decided to use Psalm 46 and to move to the topic “Giving thanks amidst our circumstance”.

We were in British Columbia for a few days…I know you already knew that ’cause you visit my blog…but I thought I would mention  a couple of observations.  First, everything is still green there!  Second, it gets dark quite a bit earlier!  So then everything looks black.  Thirdly many buildings – in fact it seems like most – have some kind of water feature be it a pond, waterfall or fountain.  In Edmonton we call our water features – rinks -!!  Yes we do.

Lastly, I was asked while there if I wore a clip on tie.  That’s not a tie….I wear a full, do it up yourself, make your own knot tie!  And I like it that way.  Men – what kind of tie do you wear?

And…as the preacher says – “finally”… I realized I suddenly have 23 followers.  Welcome to Hybrid Thoughts!

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