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Pentecost Sunday 2016

Wendy and I are off this morning to worship at Meadowlands Corps – and I am really looking forward to our time there. This is the corps that my grandfather met up with and attended when he came from the UK and from where he went off to become a Salvation Army officer in 1917.

As it is Pentecost Sunday and I am using Acts 1 and 2 for my text and talking about the power of God in our lives to die and therefore live!

Here’s one of the songs we are using.


The weekend is over – we are blessed.

This has been a wonderful weekend of ministry in the Maritime division, and specifically in the Halifax area. We shared devotions at DHQ, been the guests at Spryfield, Fairview, Halifax Citadel and Sackville. I spoke at a lovely musical evening at a local church and met many great people. There is much talent in this division.

My theme for the weekend was people of the resurrection and I mostly preached out of the book of Matthew. I also had the opportunity to do a fair amount of teaching.

Saturday Wendy was quite sick but we did take a quick drive out to Peggy’s Cove.  She stayed in the car while I got some good pictures and this short video!


We will mark 29 years of officership in June.  29 years of ministry.  29 years of praying, worrying, working, pushing on…29 years of Bible studies, sermons, visits…29 years of funerals, weddings, dedications.  The past 5 years it’s been about administration more than anything…it’s been about leadership, decision making, team work, team building.

But nothing in all those 29 years has brought me more joy than preaching.  It happened again today – the message was aimed more for the kids, and truth be told I could tell the adults were listening too!  As we came down to the end I asked who would like to be prayed for, who would like to make a decision – who would like to leave a changed person.  There were lots of hands…and one was a little girl, maybe 6 years of age.

I prayed for them all – I prayed for her.  That God would have freedom to do a work in their hearts that would mean awakening Monday morning knowing they were different.

If you think of it – would you pray for them too?  Would you pray for that 6 year old?

As way of passing I was 7 when I knew I wanted God to do a work in my life.

He isn’t finished that work either.