Post 1601

Hard to believe but this is post 1601 !  I started this blog as a way of being able to easily communicate with family living in Ontario and the USA.  Today my blog has a different focus, a different set of readers it would seem.  When I signed on today (at the YEG) I was surprised to see that I’ve now posted 1600 posts.  Bloggers are hard for some people to figure out – especially those who are very private.  I hear comments often about how too much private information gets shared or “who wants to know what you’re eating for lunch!” .  I guess I agree, unless of course you’ve found a good spot to eat and you’re sharing the good news.

Sitting around at coffee it is easy to hear lots of “blogging ideas” land on the table – and often as we laugh about one comment or another it seems to me that we DO like to share our life experiences – like to tell stories.  That is really what blogging is about.

Of course the other piece is the ability to be fairly consistent.  If you are blogging once a month – or once every six months you’ll find that people lose interest and won’t come back.  But if you’re fairly constant people will follow along.  And those who have something to give will find that people return happily.

Blog 1601 ends with a sign off from the airport heading to Fort McMurray.  Tomorrow’s sermon – When to Skip Church!

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