Campground review – Coeur d`Alene

Looking for a campground in the Lake Coeur d`Alene area I would like to give you a review of our experience. The campground formerly was a KOA and is chiseled into a hillside, almost as if we were in a canyon.  The campsites are tiered as the campground ascends with a good number of trees.  The sites are full service, though I confess with some embarrassment that I did not know we had cable service at our site until our final night.  What was not communicated to us during our check-in was that the white post that had the cable outlet was up the hill behind our trailer and not at the location with the other services.

The pool is good though small, and I would apologize to the US residents on site for the one rather obnoxious Canadian who has this philosophy (if we all break the rules together it will be ok) of living.  There is Wi-Fi at the campground though it was not a good service and I heard many campers complaining.

The other interesting thing was that the price had gone down since we visited when it was a KOA.

We would recommend it …and give it a 3.5 (out of 5) on the Fred scale.  It is also a great location for doing the many other things in the Post Falls, Spokane area.

Here is their website.

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