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I’ve been a travellin’…

Chicago, New York, Canmore and a weekend at Jackson’s Point have been part of the past few weeks and I have not recorded here any of the stories that made up that trip.

That includes the most expensive taxi ride I have ever taken, a revealing look at some of our work at our THQ in USE and USC, plus their wonderful hospitality. And then to top it all off, a trip to Alberta and specifically Canmore to meet our latest granddaughter, Paige.

Below are a couple of photos from these days…


Our weekend at Jackson’s Point was a wonderful mix of work, music and renewing friendships. There were a number of folks that have crossed our paths over the years and we got to lead the Bible teaching portion of the weekend. I focused us on the heart and how determining what is our treasure is, will determine where our heart lies!

20180519_144651While we were there Wendy was able to take her quilt that she’s been making for Paige in and top stitch it as the Quilting Gnome.  This lovely little shop run by Edith – yes I know her name – has just relocated and it was nice to see the new “digs”.


The trip to Chicago and then New York was tremendously helpful and I enjoyed every bit of it.  My hosts were enormously helpful and gracious and I walked away with some great information.


The airports were busy but all went well and the travel was without incident.  Sometimes that in itself is remarkable. Airports and airplanes, for that matter, are where you meet the most interesting of people and for whatever reason people seem very open to discussion when travelling.  THQ in Chicago is relatively new and it was fascinating to see how they had determined to use their new space. The building interior is bright and open and inviting.

But best of all was our time with the Waters west family, as we call them… Phil, Amanda, Carlyle, Fitz and now Paige are such a joy to be around and we had a relaxing if not exhausting visit! Those kids have energy and I was amazed to watch, hear and be with them.

No pictures of them (not because I don’t want to) but be assured they are healthy, happy and filled with a great vigour for life. We love being grandparents and any time we can be with our family is the best of time.

One last video from the adult music camp….



Trip to Chicago

The CSS took to the air recently to travel to Chicago for their Thanksgiving weekend and the kick-off of the Christmas season which represents an increase in services to the poor and fund-raising for The Army. It was great to see Wendy go off in her role as the executive officer. I would have loved to have been in attendance but I stayed home to look after duties here.



This photo is from Chicago. Wendy is sporting the festival tunic of the group.

Together again

I was trying to think of the last time Jason and Philip were together – just the two of them. It is probably more than a decade – maybe even back when they were teenagers. You must know that as teenagers these two didn’t exactly act like best friends – not even like friends. Most of the time, it seemed to me at least, they were annoying one another, picking fights, hurling verbal stones at each other. Dinner time and Christmas day were the times they were best behaved but rarely would you have seen them going off together to do something.

I grabbed a photo off our google hangout chat



Times are changing and of course, they are grown men with their own families, so it was a real delight on our part to see them together for the past few days. Jason had a conference in nearby Banff and Phil was remarkably off work. So they had a chance to actually spend time together.

I wasn’t along for the ride – but the pictures would indicate they did enjoy being together.


Jason’s on his way here today as he makes his way home so it will be nice to see him for a few hours too.download_20170919_135136download_20170919_142322