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Didn’t see that coming

What a great surprise. I got to fly off to NL for the weekend on business matters so I phoned Jason to see if Chez Waters was open for business. Sure enough, there was room for Grandpa for two nights! It wasn’t a long visit and part of the weekend was out on the road but that was great to just have a few hours with these guys. We played with the Brio railroad, a little game Rachel called “restaurant” which comprised in sitting down while she came and took our order for an imagined meal….and then, of course, served with her rather proper manners. We also had a game of what I knew as snakes and ladders but this featured Minions! We had a blast.

Sunday I was in Carbonear for the morning service and a funeral. The CSM welcomed me and announced that it was my father who had dedicated the Carbonear Corps building when it opened. Sure enough just inside the front door was this plaque. So that too was a wonderful moment and reminder of his influence all across this country.

Of course, there was early morning cuddles and lots of hugs! I had to be on my way home Monday morning but did so thanking the LORD for this brief but excellent visit.

Not sure when we’ll be back, but then I didn’t expect this visit so one never knows what is just around the corner.


History beneath my feet

When in England I always feel like I’m walking through the pages of history. Paul and I walked parts of London – inner city – and visited the British Museum. What amazing things we did see and do. Of course, a visit to a typical English Pub for lunch was in order too! And I was thankful to God for wonderful weather. Here are just a few photos to sum up the day.

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Kentville NS

The weekend in Kentville went by incredibly fast, but then we were really busy! Josh and Joyce had a great plan in place and their people engaged and busy.  This area is not well known to me, so a quick trip through Wolfville and area left us with the impression that this is likely an area of the country under appreciated. Lots of services, retail and agricultural plus a wonderful sense of a rural area but small enjoyable towns.  We even wondered if this is a good area to consider for retirement.

We had a terrific time with the people there and enjoyed seeing some good work in the community by The Army.

Then time to come home – back to our responsibilities.

It’s always good to come home.

Overlooking the valley on a beautiful warm Saturday
Lots of kids involved

Lots of groups

Music in various forms

a visit to Halls Harbour