10 years later

Today marks 10 years since Dad went home to heaven, when we lost a great saint and a wonderful Christian leader and our DAD.  It’s been a long time and we still miss him, still wish he could be part of our every day lives. //www.youtube.com/get_player

In Tribute to Fred Creighton

Mr. Fred Creighton was Promoted to Glory last night.  He went to be with His Lord after many years of faithful following.  He was a significant person in my life as a teenager.  He was both caring to us as teens, and there were a lot of us, and he was firm.  He felt it…

Celebrating Cliff Flanagan – PTG

Last week I read that Aux. Captain Clifford Flanagan had been Promoted to Glory (The Salvation Army’s term for dying).  This great man had a significant impact upon my life in my early years.  When I was 7 years of age he asked my parents if they wanted me to learn to play an instrument….