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Shoe shining – do you care?

If there’s one thing that I really like are shiny shoes. I love to see the shine – to feel like they are buffed to perfection is a great feeling.

Can I tell you a secret? – one of my favourite things is to go to a shoe shine stand and have them give my shoes a good clean and shine. Frivolous perhaps but once in a while, I love it.

Wondering how to get a good shine? Here’s a guide!



Three Amigos

Here’s a tip of the hat to succession of leadership – of course the women are missing and they are equal partners so I tread carefully – but here’s myself, Eddie and John.

Our appointments to Glenmore Temple with our wives Wendy, Genevera and Donna span from 2000 to the present.

If only Larry and Velma had been around we could have got a photo spanning 1995 to present…next Congress perhaps.

It was good to be together in Mississauga and to enjoy the company of fellow believers, fellow Salvationists!

The Company You Keep- Book Review

David C. Bentall authored this good book written specifically to men, but could certainly teach us all some lessons.  In it David uses his friendship with two other men to highlight lessons learned about the need for deeper relationships.  He uses his own experience to challenge the reader to consider building a covenant relationship with those who can be trusted and would be willing to take the journey of life together.

It didn’t take me long to read this book and truth be told I skimmed over many of the illustrations…but then I tend to do that in books looking for the phrase or sentence that highlights what is being illustrated.

Would I recommend this book?  Yes I would and believe you’ll enjoy it.

The reality for many of us is we have few good friends, deep friendships.  We know many people – Facebook proves that.  But we don’t have many really good relationships with men that bear the kind of fruit David speaks of.  So after reading the book I might ask the question: so what are you going to do now?