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Jason and Susan

After an absence from the blogging world for a few months, Jason and Susan have started reposting.  So you may wish to check out Musical Pots.  It also has a new look which I rather like!  Have a visit.


Fascinating Blog Post

When asked what I was doing tonight, by my eldest son who was sitting nearby, I answered; “I am going to post a most interesting, even fascinating blog post!”.

keyboard symbol!

Then as I began to type I realized SOMEHOW I had turned on my french keyboard!  Do you know what happens when you do that?  Well this symbol ” becomes È and ‘ becomes è…. very frustrating.  However Susan, our dear daughter-in-law was quick to point out that on the task bar is this symbol —————————–>

By clicking on it you can choose US keyboard again and be back to business.  I do think it should really be called the Canada/US keyboard but I won’t argue it as long as it works.

At any rate, back to the fascinating blog post – the last few days have given us some time to put up our feet and do some different kinds of things (like staying home for a change)…and I have loved everyone moment!  Of course having Jason and Susan with us, along with a great visit from Philip and Amanda was wonderful!  The magic of Christmas for us in now just being with family.  What could be better?

We come and go from our home by the backdoor as the garage sits off the laneway that runs behind our house, so the little bit of decorating that we did this year is out the back.  I’m sure from the front of the house we must look like a bunch of grinches.  No lights or wreathes, no lovely lights illuminating the front of the house must surely make us seem as if we are avoiding the season.  Around the back however there is a bit of Christmas joy.

For years we’ve had a flag celebrating the different seasons flying from our home.  In Edmonton the best place to locate it seemed to be on the short fence between us and our neighbours.  We’ve added some small lights and a couple of  “outdoor” trees I think gives us some sense of Christmas celebration!

Yes, back here in the snow we look a little more friendly.

Final comment today goes to the recording of a very practical gift which I unwrapped this Christmas.  It is my own “fixing it” kit.  Carpenter/EMT son and Addictions Counsellor daughter-in-law gave me this great group of screws, bits, tape, glue, zips, etc so that I can fix what needs to be fixed!

So there we are – another fascinating blog entry.  Wouldn’t you agree?

He’s a second year cadet


It was wonderful to touch down yesterday in Edmonton – it was a good week away, but like Dorothy said “there’s no place like home”.  The Territorial Leader’s Conference, Officer’s Councils, being with The General, The Congress was all good but the highlight was seeing Jason come down the aisle as a second year cadet.  Year One is done, and while there are many more experiences to go, he’s off to Bay Robert’s for his summer appointment.

Sunday night the Ambassadors of Holiness were highlighted as their summer appointments were recognized and each of them made it onto the big screen as evidenced below.

Susan is, of course, in Winnipeg for the summer and so we will be keeping them in our prayers.