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Job Interview

I have been doing job interviews lately, and most of the roles I am trying to fill are not junior roles. The managers who I do work with though are finding a trend in hiring and this video – a parody of an interview – but frighteningly real!

If you are a Millennial – you may want to set a good standard and change the way this generation are viewed.


Jane the Uber driver

We watched Hour of Power this morning which is our usual practice. Bobby Schuller has taken his grandfather’s work and brought it into a new age. Today’s guest was Ed Stetzer. Ed is a great speaker, and by the way, a strong supporter of The Salvation Army. I’ve spoken to him a couple of times and he truly believes that we are the best-positioned denomination in the country for reaching the lost.

He spoke this morning about Jane the Uber driver and so I thought I would share it with you. I hope you are able to ask “what would Jane do” ?

I know it’s early but…


It’s just approaching 10 games in the season but I’m shocked.  I mean I really can’t believe that this ranking is true. I was dreading this season for 2 reasons.  First, I thought the Habs would be in the basement for another season. Secondly, the Leaf fans would be drooling from the great play and record of the Leafs.

So far the Leafs are doing well but so are the Habs – can’t believe it.

If you look at the record, while the Leafs are scoring lots of goals the Habs are keeping the puck out of their net.  If you can’t keep the puck out of your net it won’t matter if you can score.

So that’s my only comment – let’s see what happens at the half point mark of the season.