There’s an adventure awaiting

I suggested recently on social media that we should be talking about how God called us more often, not to beat our own chests or to suggest we are different or better, but to encourage others who believe that God is speaking to them so they too might find the rest and joy and peace that comes in simply being obedient to God.

Yes, obedience makes a difference.

I have wanted to quit many times. Wanted to walk away, settle down and be done with responding to God’s call. But frankly, I could not. I could not even if I wanted to …and I did want to.

But in the end, after almost 40 years of ministry, I can tell you I am sure I am glad I did not, we did not. I would have been miserable all the rest of my life.

So what is God saying to you? I’m happy to hear from you!

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