He’s 39!

How can it be? A celebration of our first born!

Born in Listowel Ontario at a small town hospital, things were far from how they are now. Wendy was taken away, I was sent to the waiting area (for Dads) and I waited… when they brought him up they let me see him and then put him in an incubator. We looked through the glass at him until they finally brought him to Wendy to nurse, and then I had to be gowned to be near him.

Down through the years he loved reading, talking to people regardless of age, of playing with lego, of doing more reading, and of eating hot dogs!

He’s lived across Canada and in Australia. He’s travelled, met lots of friends and is the father of three great kids!

With a graduate degree in Political Science and a responsible role at the Office of the Auditor General he has carved out for himself a fine future.

We can’t begin to describe all the ways that make us proud of our eldest. And today is a day we celelbrate his 39th birthday.

Happy birthday to Jason, now entering his 40th year (a tip of the hat to Nanny), and for accomplishing so much!

Now, what will the next 39 years bring? I think it will be a great adventure!

I can’t help but give one more picture of Jason – perhaps one of my favourite pictures of him walking with my Dad!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Great pictures and happy memories of time spent with Jason in the past yes how can he be 39 already?

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