The kids

As you may know, we have six grandchildren, four girls, and two boys. They are all different and their personalities vary from very quiet to loud and active. But no matter the personality they are fun to be with and it has been a real joy watching them grow and mature. Of course, I have to say some days I wish they would stay little but of course, prolonged immaturity is not our desire either. We do want them to grow to be capable and equipped adults who are able and ready to face the world, which by all observations, is not getting easier.

Jason, who is in Ottawa is watching his three grow and develop and they seem to enjoy school and especially their friends – but then what child doesn’t like to have friends?

In more recent days Jason has introduced to his kids a special person in his life, Celine. She is accomplished, optimistic and energetic. And what is really interesting is Celine’s daughter Isabella. Isabella and Rachel, Beth and Ted have bonded quickly and they seem to really enjoy each other’s company.

Recently Jason and Celine went out together for the day and Jason got a great photo of them. Here they are together with big smiles! It looks like they were having a great day together. This makes us very happy and we look forward to an upcoming visit when we will all get to be together!

Ted, Beth, Isabella

We’re looking forward to being able to get to know Celine and Isabella more as well.

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