The end of an era

In olden age, the town crier would go to the streets and yell to the masses, “The Queen is dead, long live the King”.

Today of course social media let us know that the Royal family had flown to be at the Queen’s side and so we knew that the Queen was not well. Word came later that indeed she had passed away and King Charles III would become to the throne.

What we know about the Queen is that she has been the Head of The Church, been the Crown, and been a solid part of the life of the United Kingdom and perhaps one of the most widely known individuals in the world. She has been a person of integrity and a wonderful example of state leadership in the grandest way.

So I say, she will be missed, will be celebrated for years to come.

Now on to King Charles III.

I do hope her image stays on our currency for some time!

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