My 30-something friend


I had breakfast with a friend who is younger than my children – just 34. He’s in ministry and leading a small congregation with no denominational ties! That takes an immense amount of courage – no pension, no safety net, no systemic support. I’m impressed.

He reads widely and is wise beyond his years – a phrase that makes me sound old but sure does describe him. I’m always impressed by his side of our discussions.

I was glad he reached out.

Through the years of my ministry I have always tried to keep three people in my network – someone older and experienced, a Paul. Then someone who is a peer, someone who gets my frame of reference, a Barnabas. And lastly someone younger to invest in, a Timothy.

At this point in my life, my Paul’s are fewer and in many regards, I suppose not really as needful for the journy. But I still need a peer and want to invest in those younger. If we don’t invest in younger leaders we will be guilty of disregarding our obligation to encourage, to support those who follow behind us.

This group of men, and Tim is in here, are working to invest in each other and others.

Investing in each other

I’m glad for those invested in me. Glad to invest in others.

Glad for people like Tim.

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