Leaders who serve

What a wonderful sermon. This incredibly historic service is marked by all the pageantry known to the Brits. Uniforms, music, class standing, ranking in the royal family, order, tradition… all this and more are on display.

In this video when you get to the wonderful sermon of The Most Revd and Rt Hon Stephen Cottrell around the 52-minute mark note that before he speaks he prays as this huge room grows silent. He then goes on to make comments about the best leaders – who serve not self but for others – such as the Queen but point to the Apostle Paul and to Jesus Christ.

With some wit and with good theology he speaks well on behalf of those who follow Christ – who love what it means to serve others.

“I am not ashamed to say that I lean on Jesus Christ”

Living in a time of uncertainty – in fact in a discussion last week a friend suggested that we live in a day where it appears people have lost all sense of civility and in a time when spirituality is never more needed.

Thank you to the Archbishop of York for his good teaching.

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