The reno continues

When we are done there will not be a part of this house that has not been touched and in most ways significant changes. New paint throughout, new hardware on the doors, new trim and baseboards, new lights (LED), and of course furniture and appliances. And one of the last major work is the ceiling finish – and where would we be without Phil. He’s worked tirelessly and has so much talent and skill – it would cost thousands to do this without him.

Here’s our new tool to do this work.

I never thought I would be buying one of these, in fact, I didn’t even know these exist until Philip showed them to me, and in fact while I bought it you know it’s going to be in Phil’s toolset.

Watching him use this showed what a good tool in the hands of a skilled worker – and that’s Phil – can do. It is actually exciting to watch.

It really is great to see the transformation over time.

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