The Jetsons

When I was a kid one of my favourite shows was The Jetsons. It was funny, colourful, and had the gift of grabbing my young imagination about what the future might look like.

While we don’t have flying cars just yet, we have some of the other things which were part of the show. The means of communication is one. I recently did a video call from my car – parked of course – and even as I did so I thought how futuristic this would have been not that long ago.

video calls on the Jetsons

I’ve written before about our first cell phone – large, heavy and we had to plug it into the outlet, in those days, called a cigarette lighter! But go back. We’ve moved from black rotary phones and party lines, past that to analogue push-button phones, then digital phones and on….

Wendy on the phone

Here is one of my favourite photos from our early days of marriage. Imagine having to have your phone plugged into the wall – isn’t it a big phone when you think about what we hold in our hands now?

So how will we communicate in the future? What else was in the Jetsons future picture that we can only imagine now?

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