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My little sister turns 50

Happy birthday Catherine. I think I’m one of the few people who call her that. Most know her as and call her, Cathi.  As a young teen, she decided that if she was going to be Cathi they it would be with an i…not a y.

I was with my Nann933874711017af774a20c973663c8eb2y and my uncle Jim (who is 18 months older than me) when Catherine was born. There was no phone at the cottage (nor television, nor if you can believe it did we have central heating/AC or in the early days electricity.  In fact we didn’t even have access to the internet.  So to get to the phone we had to take the boat across to Morrison’s which was the general store.  The phone was on the store wall – it was wooden, had a crank on the side to call the operator and you spoke into the microphone which was attached to the front of the phone.

It was on this phone that I heard the news that I had another sister.

Dad was on the phone to tell me the news and let me know that Mom was doing well. It was a couple of weeks before I got home to see my baby sister.  So to now know she’s 50 makes me feel, well, old.


Yesterday was a party to celebrate her 50th year and it was great to be in attendance.

Happy birthday Catherine Margaret – it is great to be your brother!

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Rogers.com continues to amaze

I was very pleased when the Rogers.com technician arrived this morning as promised.  I’ll give them this – they’ve come when they have promised….so far.  I hear testimonies to the contrary.  The tech went straight to work..no hesitation, though his english was broken and we had to work at being understood it was okay.  He did have enough of a grasp of the language to point at the mess of wires they’ve left, and the modems and say “this stuff is stupid, it never going to work right”.

We do have phone service though – so thank you Rogers.com.  By the way you owe me $450…have I mentioned that?

I miss Shaw.ca

Since Rogers.com took $500 out of our account (instead of the $53 they were suppose to) we have been attempting to get a refund.  I’ve discovered they have a 30 day hold policy – no refund for 30 days…despite the fact that they admit they didn’t get it right in the first place.  Ahhh company policy.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for policy, in fact I’ve done my fair share of enforcing policy – but even I know that policy has it’s limits.  There are times when policy needs to be ‘exempted’ in the name of fairness.

If we simply wanted out 53 bucks back I could see them resisting us.  But since our money has actually paid someone else’s bill then I find it hard to believe that the policy applies.

And then to top it off…we arrived home yesterday to discover our home phone isn’t working.  Ahh yes, service with a smile.  A phone call (from my BlackBerry) got a service tech on the phone…but since that didn’t help they can come while we are at work to do a repair.  “Someone over 18 needs to be present”.

By the way – waiting in the mail for us upon our arrival was a refund cheque from Shaw.ca from our account in Edmonton.  I miss Shaw.ca!