Coffee thoughts

For me, this is the best way of starting the morning. Well, after shaving and showering of course, but then a hot tasty cup of good coffee.

I use to be a Tim Horton’s drinker. I hope you’ll forgive me. What I did figure out was that they use 18% cream and yes I like cream in my coffee. I’ve got a habit now of only using brown sugar and brown sugar cubes.

Starbuck’s Verona is one of my favourite coffees. It’s a dark roast but not bitter has a lovely smooth flavour and brings some of the highlights of coffee to the water. Amd I believe that grinding beans freshly helps make this a great cup of coffee.

Costco sells an enormous bag….. which lasts me for a while.

The grinder in this picture is one Jason gave me and it does a great job. If you grind coffee you’ll note that the beans have quite a bit of oil. By using a brewing method that doesn’t remove the oil adds to the delightful flavour of the coffee.

I’m not a coffee connoisseur, I just like the drink and it is often the last thing I drink before bed…and no it doesn’t bother me.

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