September temperatures

The evening temperatures are giving evidence that summer weather is coming to an end. This week we will be around 3 or 4 degrees C overnight. The apples are all off the tree and I see leaves now sitting on the still green grass.

Autumn is approaching and at Phil’s house the garden is giving them great returns – carrots, corn, beans, peas, tomatoes, flowers galore… what green thumbs they have! Oh and they have Tubby. I should take a picture of Tubby at some time holding the water from their sump pump which is then used to water the garden and flowers.

While I have booked the van in to get our snow tires put on for early October, and while at that same time I am having a block heater installed, it is not winter yet and our September rolls along with some lovely day time temperatures.

Happy September as we come to the official turning of the page from summer to autumn.

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