A new building for Calgary Citadel

It started, as a submission to THQ, in 1961 and ended up in the building of Glenmore Temple on Elbow Drive in 1969. I know they looked at several sites including land which partially houses Southcentre Mall, but land was felt to be too far out of city in those days. The move out of the downtown was strategically brilliant. It set the corps up for many years of good ministry. If there was a short sightedness it was in the amount of land bought, but most building projects don’t achieve all that they should due to the limitations of funds.

No one suspected in the late 1960s that everyone would drive to the corps and in some cases would arrive with two cars not one.

At any rate, here’s the video. Of special note should be the role that Chuck Stevens played in bringing Glenmore Temple into being. Chuck and Helen’s picture is the header on this post.

History is fascinating and when we’re in the middle of some of these ventures we don’t always appreciate that we are indeed writing history.

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