Started in Calgary

When Wendy started quilting she did a wonderful quilt but it’s been sitting almost done for some time. In the most recent projects Wendy has been working on she finished up this very lovely quilt with some lovely autumn colours.

Today, as it was so nice and sunny, we took it outside to get a couple of photos. The top stitching was done on a long arm machine by Wendy. I think it turned out beautifully.

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  1. Wendy Burden says:

    Hi. I didn’t know Wendy quilted. I have been quilting since I stopped working 17 years ago. I’ve made hundreds for family ( grandchildren have bed, car, Christmas, room colour changes, graduation from crib to big….theme…Paw Patrol…Unicorns. Rapunzel, space stations…and the list goes on… My doctor who I’ve been with for 43 years also has a quilt. I am currently working on my last “Heritage” quilt which are quilts I am making for my grandchildren when they leave home for the first time and “special ( detailed, hand appliqués quilts) for my daughters and son-in-laws when I pass on to heaven.. I can always find a reason to make a new quilt. I purchased a long arm ( Wendy will know what that is) many years ago so I rent it out and also finish the quilting for ladies. It has been a life saviour from listening to bass trombone exercises etc. Happy quilting. Wendy

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