It’s off to be top stitched

The work to put together a quilt always impresses me. I guess because I see it up close as Wendy works away. So when it’s all done, when the “sandwiching” is ready I am anxious to see the final product. Recently Wendy pulled out a quilt she’s been working on, as she describes it, for herself.

I don’t actually know how many quilts she’s made, maybe I could figure that out, but I’m happy to see her do this one for herself. And we decided to take it for top-stitching.

So we were off to see Edith! She owns The Quilting Gnome up at Jackson’s Point. Edith remembers the names of her customers, is a happy gal with good relational skills and she has a lovely quilt shop.

Wendy is doing a soft, warm and colourful backing – it will be great to see the final photos, but for now here’s a couple from our visit to see Edith (who is not in the picture).

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