A staycation of fun

It’s been since Christmas that we have had time to be with Rachel, Ted and Beth. With the pandemic in full expansion across the country and around the world, we’ve needed to be extra careful, but with some progress in Canada, we have been able to have the kids with us.

We are still being careful – that’s for sure but we can have some fun. That includes a small pool in the backyard, ice cream cones, games and books and bike rides!

Ted discovered tonight that Dr. Suess’ first name was also Ted. He was thrilled.

Rachel wanted to ask Alexa questions which included what there names mean. Of course Rachel and Elizabeth (Beth) are both Hebrew names. Edward is German and the kids loved hearing Alexa tell them what their names mean.

It’s one of the things that really strikes you when you have children around, that they are always learning, always curious, always wanting to discover something new. This natural curiosity is a remarkable characteristic and I think one that we all need to hold on to.

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