What is better than gold?

Apparently in the middle of a stock market meltdown and the threat of a pandemic the answer is toilet paper.  Don’t ask me why but if you look on the shelves of stores in every city people are buying up toilet paper like it was golden!

I don’t get it.

However, I do know that panic buying breeds panic breeding. So I will be getting my own toilet paper supply soon.

On a different note, how wonderful it has been to be in Edmonton for a few days! We love being with Philip, Amanda, Carlyle, Fitz, and Paige. What a joy it is to be with family. Perhaps that’s the real answer to the question. Being with family is better than gold.

Oh, and for those of you who pay attention to these things, here’s the price of gas on our arrival to Edmonton (prior to the drop of the price of oil by the barrel).


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