Alexandria, Virginia



I made my fourth trip to NHQ this week.  I’ve attended for discussions on candidates, program, and business. I can’t say I’m a regular fixture but I’m getting to know my way around and some of the folks there. Apart from the discussions which are always interesting, I do like arriving in time to explore old Alexandria where people like Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and many other notable figures lived.

The area has kept a real charm and walking King Street with the shops, restaurants, and decor give you a feeling of “old towne” character. It is really nice when the weather is good.

This time it was very warm and humid but storms going through were flooding the streets.

I took a long walk and was fascinated to see all the scooters – electric and apparently for rent. They were everywhere and how they are charged and how you rent them or unlock them is a mystery to me. I was going to do some research but haven’t yet. Below is a couple of pictures of some of the people I saw using them.


When I was down by the river I was taking some pictures and noticed that there was a plane under the bridge.  As I zoomed in, as best I could on my phone, it seemed to me that it was a 747 with familiar markings.  See if you agree, but it appears to be one of the 747s that are Air Force One when the President is on it.

20190710_074831-collageWhat do you think? Is it?

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