Heralds of Hope reunion


On June 19, 1983 the 52 Heralds of Hope were commissioned and ordained as Salvation Army officers.  Not all 52 have remained officers and 6 have passed away, but many of us joined together by the airport for supper and reunion.

We enjoyed seeing folks that we’ve not seen in years and years…. I don’t we had seen Christine in 33 years.  Julie was another one – where have you been? Others we’ve seen lately like Henry and Lorraine!  And can you believe it, some thought I had really changed in appearance.  Wendy was picked out as one who has not changed much and I agree.

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Some have retired and of course, Wendy and I are getting closer to that reality too.

One can’t attend this kind of gathering and not feel blessed, by the flood of memories that come and the realization that God has been faithful. It isn’t that there have not been tough times but in those times we have felt strengthened and directed by the Spirit of God.

So happy anniversary to the Heralds of Hope.


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