I very much like writing, though currently I’m taping on tiny keys on my phone…

Yes I like writing. Sometimes I believe I’m pretty good at it. I feel I can be persuasive when I have time and it’s not a tiny keyboard. But most of the time I feel that I don’t have much to say. Or rather not much someone else might want to read.

Not that I don’t have opinion. We all have opinion. But opinion is just that, opinion and that seems arrogant to believe somehow someone would want to read it. 

That being said here I am taping on my tiny keyboard. 

Today begins with a flight to the UK. The International Finance Council is this week and I represent our territory. There are new finance standards as part of the accountability movement.  

I’ve just written two articles for Army publication’s on mission and resources, that is to say it was a call to protect and think about our use of resources in order to protect the mission. Workout good thought it becomes too easy to use resources for comfort and convenience. That’s not opinion, that’s fact.

So even as I start my day, you start yours, consider how what is in our possession is just ours temporarily. 

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