What’s your image?

We talked today about metaphors for the church in the Scriptures; you will think about the body, the bride, a royal priesthood, the family, friend of God, a chosen people, the sheep of His pasture… you will think of more I’m sure.  Then we talked about the imagery of the leader. Think of priest, prophet, teacher, apostle, teacher, evangelist, king, shepherd… again there’s more.

Here’s the question that got me thinking. What imagery do you have in mind when you envision your leadership? And then how does that inform your leadership style?  Your leadership outcomes?

It dawns on me that I’ve grown up in the tidal wave of leadership material that has formed much of my thinking about how to pastor. It raises the question if we have managed to shape a generation of pastoral leaders around a very narrow image of what it means to lead God’s people?

It’s worth considering.

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