Never too old to learn

Week one is done.  Whew!  I haven’t read that many books or typed that many assignments in a very long time.  So I’m glad to say week one is done.  Now, I’m far from finished, and of course I’m sure you are not really that interested in what I’m typing here…but I am thrilled to get past the first week and feel a deep sense of satisfaction.

Of course week two is yet to come and there a number of pages yet to be completed to finish the second week…but I’ve got the weekend to make good progress.

I’ve always loved reading and reading good books. I’ve always thought of myself as a long life learner. And this is a great learning experience.

This past week was The Bible as Christian Scripture.  Next week is Pastoral Leadership. These are great topics to continue to learn as they have eternal significance.

I am so very pleased that I decided to pursue this – but I can’t leave out the fact that it was Wendy who really encouraged me to get my application in ! Without her encouragement I might not be here.

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