Reflections on a week of leadership developmentThe

While standing in line to scoop up a delicious supper from the serving table someone asked me – do you still blog?  Yes I do -well not quite like I use to – I use to write something every day – every evening usually.  But I’ve slipped on that discipline.  A good discipline I believe as it helps me reflect on the day and to consider more seriously my many thoughts.

The Leadership Studio

Dr. Steve Brown teaching

The ice is melting

The entrance to the studio from the bridge

Leadership and relationships are essential

Dr. Steve Brown holds up his new book selfie


Leadership applied

The boathouse

The community meal

Mist early morning

The class photo
So here I am wanting to give you some reflection on the past week.  We were at the Muskoka Woods Leadership Centre – a wonderful setting and a building designed to support leadership development.  
As well this place, on Lake Rosseau, brought back many memories of my time spent at the Keswick Conference Centre when I worked on staff and of the days spent at the cottage which was only about 40 km north of where we were.  When we arrived the lake was entirely covered in ice and when we left it was melting fast with the ice shelf about 500 yards/meters off shore.  Ducks and geese were arriving every day as the weather warmed and the last visages of winter disappeared into the shadows of the trees.
It was as if the transformation of the land was reflected in the hearts of leaders as they experienced the transforming work of God.  Being part of the leadership partners for this week was a huge gift and privilege for me.  I have grown to love and respect deeply the others who form this team as we guide and prod the leaders who come to be stretched and grown.


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