Globe & Mail on the US government’s shut down

Sunday night on my way back from Vancouver I was reading the Globe and Mail’s article by Kevin  Carmichael (Washington) and Joanna Slater (New York). The article “Shutdown to Slowdown” was excellent.  I very much enjoyed the article – though perhaps enjoyed is the wrong word.  I found it informative and honest.  As they review what is currently happening in their economy and the related politics this was the line that I thought was most noteworthy, “A business community that prides itself on an ability to thrive without the help of government is confronting the great irony that politicians that do nothing can cause the greatest harm of all.”

It is amazing to me that this country once so divided along racial lines that riots and public violence was regular news fodder.  Enorm
ous energy from the grass roots as well as politicians was required to begin to turn the tide of hatred and resentment.  And from my perspective it seemed that a divided country was slowly coming together.

But then comes the hatred of ideals – the hatred of people because they have a different point of view.  Not uncommon I suppose but for a country that prides itself on freedom it would seem that they have created new lines of division that may be deeper than those of racial lines. As I listen to the leaders who are now refuse to compromise I wonder is the decline of the American empire very far away?  It would be hard not to believe so as you read this article and watch the news coming from the land of “truth, justice and the american way”.

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