Mike Holmes making it obvious

Last night we were watching “Make it Right” with Mike Holmes on HGTV.  While they were showing the house and the setting on the street Wendy noticed the name of the school directly across from the house and she could see the name of the school.  I had my laptop in hand so I did some searching on line and within about 3 minutes not only had I found the school but using Google Street view I was able to find the very house that was being aired.  I’m not sure how that strikes you but for me, and I’m on social media a great deal, it was creepy that I was able to find the house so quickly.

But then that’s what happens when you have your family and your home on television.  The home only 5 years old was repaired to the tune of $65,000.  I’m sure a few of my friends…perhaps my son would take issue with the extreme nature of Mike’s renovations and would suggest that he over spends….I’m not qualified to pass judgement on that piece.

I’m just surprised how easily we were able to find the home based on a few pieces of information.


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