Back to the chair

A bit of acting in the chair

I have a new dentist and I love him.  Yes that is right I like going to the dentist.  This doctor is gentle, kind and so far hasn’t charged me anything over what our plan covers!

Calgary, Ottawa, Hamilton, Mississauga, Toronto, St. John’s…and a few other places where we’ve lived I have had good dentists.  This is not a reflection on those good professionals.  But this Doc is exceptional.  Even his dental hygienist is a joy to have chipping away at my gums.

Today was two cavities that were brought on (according to the dentist) by old fillings that are no longer doing their job.  By the way he thinks I have exceptionally fine teeth…and suggested that someone in my family gave me good teeth genes.

So my opinion that eye surgeons are harder on their patients that dentists remains!

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