Church Planting at Kingswood University

Hybrid Thoughts has been fairly quiet lately – compare the number of posts from each month and you’ll see that lately I’ve not been diligent in keeping this up.  With Jason, Susan and Rachel moving out and our re-settling in the house along with a very busy few weeks it seems I’ve not had much time to tend to this.

A couple of updates: for those of you who would be interested I was just in Sussex NB for a church planting conference at Kingswood University.  No I wasn’t one of the presenters but I did enjoy tweeting from Ed Stetzer who was the presenter.  Did you catch any of those?  They were all about research in Canada on the attitudes and openness to faith of Canadians and much of it from Twenty-somethings.  It was actually very encouraging and proves Ed’s point that many more people than we imagine are open to conversations and discovery about faith.

The setting for Kingswood is gorgeous and I must say my impression of the area was that it is picturesque with a friendly and calm pace of life.

It was a great trip and I walked away with greater conviction that our way forward is to return to church planting in practice not just strategy.


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