Sunday tractor ride

Rachel loves the tractor

She can’t reach the pedals so she uses her hand

 After a nice lunch with the sun out and starting to warm things up I thought we might be able to get the tractor out.  Enough snow has now melted to get to the shed with ease so I pulled it out and Rachel loved it.

She wasn’t sure about how to get on it, but with some help she was up and enjoying going for a ride.  She can’t reach the pedals yet but it didn’t take her long to figure out that she could turn the rear wheel with her hand.

She seems to love being outside and the sunshine made it all the better.  We did meet “Snowie”,  a little white dog from up the street and for about 10 minutes she had forgotten about the tractor but then we were back to going up and down the side walk, around the driveway and basically giving me a back ache!

All for fun though.

You can see we’ve still got some snow but that should be gone this week.  I’m praying!

She might have a bit of her Uncle Phil in her

“come push me Grandpa”


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