5 Great Questions for your team

I’ve been listening to a great new resource.  It’s called Focusing by Asking and is a CD by Bobb Biehl.  Amongest the many great tools he has is 5 questions to ask your staff as they report to you.  These are great strategic questions that get to the meat of what we need to share in building success as a team.

I’ll be using them.

In relation to the priorities we have established:

1. What decisions do you need from me?

2. What problems are you having that you need my  help on?

3. What plans are you making that we haven’t discussed yet?

4. What progress are you making that I need to be aware of?

5. How are you doing personally on a scale of 1 to 10?  (1 being the best day ever and 10 being the worst day ever?

Those are 5 great questions.  If you use them let me know how you found your team’s response?

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