Canadian Folk Song Suite

Labour day!  Some think of this as the official end of summer, and to some extent I suppose that’s true.  Certainly in terms of weather the forecast for the next few days in this part of Ontario seems very summer like – warm and humid.  For that I am grateful.  My apologies for the Albertans who heard me moan, or mourn the end of good weather in Alberta.  Today it will be 29 here – no more moaning.

Wendy asked me what do you want to do today – I have a short list – seems mostly work like house duties – clean, wash, tidy.  I would like to be at the trailer but I’m a little short of energy to drive out, clean up there and drive back.  It will have to wait.  My next available weekend is the beginning of October.

I’m afraid we’re still recharging batteries from a demanding summer and our week at the Territorial Music Camp.  That being said what a great week – and to add to that – what a great group of young people.  Talented in many respects but also spiritually seeking.  There were many great conversations to share and be part of.

Below is a video from Saturday night – one of my favourite pieces – Morley Calvert’s Canadian Folk Song Suite.  It’s 8 minutes 29 seconds.

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