We thank God for Wendy’s Mom

It would be difficult in this space to tell all that we’ve seen, heard and experienced in the past week.  There have been many tears – some with a smile upon our faces and some with deep sorrow in our hearts.  Ruth had been fighting heart disease for some time – we didn’t actually know the serious extent of it until this week when Dr Ruel of the Ottawa Heart Institute shared with us something of what he discovered in the surgery.

It turns out the miracle we were praying for had been ours for several years – we were just unaware!  The LORD gave us years together that medically shouldn’t have happened.  So last night we let her go – not that we would keep her back from the grave condition that would have been, had recovery happened – no we would rather see her in God’s presence !  In heaven is fullness of joy!  In heaven is freedom from pain and suffering of this ol’ world!

The Psalmist says that The LORD delights in the death of His saints.  Not that God has some perverse pleasure in taking loved ones from us – rather He delights in giving fullness of life to those who love Him.  For this world’s woes are only weight upon our shoulders and heaven grants us the love and presence of Himself.  His promise to Abraham was that “we would be His children and He would be our God.”

So we are grateful for the life of Ruth and the gift of her easy going spirit to all who loved her.

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