Keep your I Love You’s up to date

I’ve been reading Lead Like Jesus over the past couple of weeks.  It is a good book with some very practical matters addressed.  Of course the application to our leadership roles organizationally are important and at the center of the book, however the authors aren’t satisfied with leadership that is only addressed as a function of what we do. They look to our role as leaders in who we are.  And most importantly in our Life Role leadership – that is as husband, wife, mother, father, son, neighbour, friend.

Without good qualities in these areas of our life we don’t really create the fortitude to have good qualities in our role within an organization.  They don’t mince their words when they talk about the failures of many leaders who have failed personally and the devastation that has had on their lives and that of those who followed them personally or organizationally.  I’ll leave out the names of people who came to my mind.

In the realm of speaking to our Life Role leadership they make a point which seems to hit home all the more strongly in our personal circumstances.  The energy we put into being good leaders at home tells in lots of different ways and perhaps I’ve been a slower learner on this one!

Their practical and pointed advice is summed up in this short sentence in relation to the brevity of life and the often surprising turns that it takes: “Keep your I Love You’s up to date.” – a good piece of advice.

Are yours up to date?

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