A New Song

Last evening was the Welcome Meeting for the International Leader’s Conference.  A great evening of music, worship, good ol’ Army blessing and the General was in top form!  General Linda Bond, who comes from Cape Breton and is the current International Leader of The Salvation Army was clearly glad to be on Canadian soil making several comments about missing Swiss Chalet!

In her own expressive fashion the General reminded us again of our need to be One Army with One Mission and One Message.  The General announced that Commissioners Krommenhoek and Street had penned a new song.  The words were shared and I’m anxious to hear the music.

A God-raised and Spirit-filled Army,
Convinced of its calling today
To enter the world of the hurting
With Jesus, the Life, Truth and Way;
We ask that your Spirit’s infilling
Will guide us, empower and inspire;
O Lord, give your presence to make us
One Army, your Army, on fire.

Responding to your great commission,
Our charge from your hand we will take;
The young and the old as our mission,
Disciples for Jesus we’ll make;
Bring freedom and hope through our living
Serve others with strength from above;
O Lord, give us your holy vision,
One mission, your mission, of love.

The transforming message of Jesus,
With power to make lives anew,
Speaks healing to lost, broken people
And proves all his promises true.
We ask that in sharing your message
We also its fullness embrace;
O Lord, may your Word live within us,
One message, your message of grace.


One Army, one mission, one message,
One Saviour and Lord of all;
An Army with purpose and passion,
We are united to answer his call.
An Army following Christ together,
Reaching the lost with his love;
One Army, one mission, one message

For the world.

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