Preparing for a change of work

I have a confession to make.  I’m not very motivated right now.  I’m at the end of this appointment, that is I have 23 days left and most of my projects are either complete or will now be handed off to Shona.  This is the first appointment I’ve ever had that doesn’t involve day to day operations.

Think about a fireman who has driven the fire truck, pulled hoses off trucks, ran into burning buildings, chopped holes in roofs, and fed the dalmatian.  Now think about that fireman suddenly being in charge of deciding who gets to be a fireman – setting up interviews, doing background checks.  That’s me.  It’s important but it’s also rather quite compared to rushing into a burning building.  There’s a lot less sweating!

For those who have some understanding – the brief is done – the files are cleaned up.  I’m ready to move.  Thus my lack of motivation.

By personality I like new things – so when I know a change is happening, like this change of responsibilities I like the change to take place today – now – immediately.  Please no waiting in the wings.  However that’s not the way it works and wouldn’t be practical.  There ARE many things that need to be done to make a good hand off to your successor.  Here’s my little list:

1. Be responsible – make sure what needs to be done is done.
2. Be positive – tell your successor about what is good about the work and help them understand what are the priorities without telling them what to do.
3. Be creative – make sure you communicate in many ways.  I like to do a full brief with lots of appropriate detail, but also begin to copy them into emails.  I also like to make a few phone calls to explain AND get their input on decisions that they will need to work with.
4. Be genuine – an honest assessment of the challenges is helpful especially where information will help your successor make an early decision.
5. Be practical – clean out the drawers of any “junk”, make sure the keyboard is clean…don’t leave crumbs between g and h, be certain that rude!
6. Be kind – only talk about the positive virtues of your predecessor and successor.

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