Summer’s coming and that means camp

Camp Selkirk staff

I’ve spent a great deal of time at summer camps over the years.  There was the years I was tagging along with my folks – sometimes as the camp mascot because I was so young.  Other times I was there as a student, though that didn’t always go so well (I understand you Noah).  And then there were the days of running a residential camp.

Here’s the staff from Camp Selkirk – I’m guessing this is 1997 or ’98.  A few people you might know on the trailer that we used as our prop.  Can you see the famous Mark Sturge?  Or how about Bev Pitt – our infamous cook!  I see Jennifer, Shelley, Jolene, James, Rodney, Leanne and the others – yes I remember your names.

Summer was a busy time – lots of things to do in terms of executing programs while managing the staff, solving innumerable property issues and of course the dynamics of that many teenagers on staff.  But it was fun and it was energizing.  The summer never came to an end that I didn’t feel both exhausted and exhilarated all at the same time.

I’m thinking of those days right now as the camps across the country are gearing up for another busy season and the people who do the leading in those camps.  Let’s pray that they have a safe, enjoyable and kingdom productive summer.

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